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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What hearing aid is best for me?
A: There are a variety of hearing devices available to you. There are many factors to consider when choosing a hearing aid, such as style, brand, technology, and even added features. During your free hearing screening, we can help you determine which device will suit your needs.
Q: I think I have hearing loss. Where do I start?
A: By recognizing your hearing loss and reaching out, you've already begun your journey to improved hearing health. Your next step is to schedule a free hearing screening with a professional so you're better able to understand your hearing loss and how to treat it.
Q: How long do hearing aid batteries last for?
A: Typically, batteries can last 7 to 10 days, but that can depend on the wearer, the type of device, the features on the device, and the battery type. To help extend the life of your batteries, we recommend turning off your devices when you're not wearing them and leaving the battery doors open at night.
Q: I believe a family member has hearing loss. How can I help them?
A: Some people have a harder time confronting their hearing loss than others. Sometimes a little extra support is all they need. Offer to help them schedule an appointment and let them know you will go with them. It could make a world a difference to them.
Q: Can I get by on just one hearing aid?
A: In most cases, hearing loss is present in both ears. Wearing two devices can often greatly improve a person’s hearing clarity and understanding, especially in noisier environments. We recommend determining the level of your hearing loss in both ears before committing to using only one device.

Hearing Myths

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Myth: Hearing aids are bulky and ugly.

FACT: Hearing devices have been labeled as being bulky and ugly for a long time, but this isn’t true. They’ve been designed in recent years to fit everyone’s lifestyle with an emphasis on being sleek and discreet. Most people aren’t able to tell when you’re wearing a hearing device.

Myth: Hearing aids further damage a person’s hearing.

FACT: When hearing devices are properly fitted by a professional, they won’t cause any further damage to your hearing. That’s why we go through a process of fitting, programming, and adjusting them to ensure they’re working well for you. If you need future adjustments, we’re happy to provide them for you.

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Myth: My hearing will be restored to normal with hearing aids.

FACT: Unfortunately, there isn't a treatment that can reverse the effects of hearing loss. However, hearing devices provide the best solution and will give you the highest quality hearing possible.

Myth: I’m too young to need hearing aids.

FACT: Hearing loss doesn’t affect one specific age group. It can affect infants to seniors. In fact, many people go 10 years or more with untreated hearing loss. Patients often find it much easier to adapt to hearing devices when their hearing loss is treated in an early stage, which is why early detection is so important. Just like a dentist appointment, we recommend that everyone schedules a yearly hearing screening to stay up-to-date with their hearing health and to monitor any changes.

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